The water in the Yellow Dog River is rated high quality using the State of Michigan’s water quality scale. This is indicated by the large array of macro-invertebrates and also the number collected of each species. The three main species found in the river are stoneflies, mayflies, and caddisflies. Each species has several subspecies that are all found in abundances. Macro-invertebrates are collected by the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve on an ongoing basis. Our volunteer water monitoring program combines community involvement with scientific research and recreation. Check out our program for more information and volunteer opportunities. Here is a brief listing of macro-invertebrates found in the Yellow Dog River:

  • Caddisfly larvae
  • Hellgrammites
  • Mayfly Nymphs
  • Stonefly Nymphs
  • Water snipe fly
  • Coleoptera beetles
  • Black Fly larvae
  • Clams
  • Crane Fly larvae
  • Dragonfly nymphs
  • Net-spinning caddisfly
  • Aquatic worms
  • Midge larvae
  • Pouch snails
  • True flies