The members, staff, and board of the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve are passionate about the Yellow Dog River, its watershed, and maintaining those high quality waterways and wilderness areas. We strive to inform, inspire, and engage the public, our local communities, and local government bodies. We do this by encouraging public participation in our seasonal activities and events and by attending and presenting at township meetings, advocating where necessary for changes or amendments to policy in order to protect our watershed.

In 2016, YDWP created the Yellow Dog Nature School whose mission is to provide outdoor nature based educational opportunities for students and the general public within and around the Yellow Dog Watershed. The Nature School holds workshops and environmental education classes on a variety of intriguing and creative topics designed to inspire participants to get involved with nature.

YDWP water quality program and education and outreach come together in the spring and fall of each year by gathering students and adults of all ages to come out and participate with water monitoring while learning about the larval stages of insects like dragonflies who live in our water systems and how these bugs are indicators of a river’s health. Not only do participants learn about the aquatic stages of familiar bugs, they learn how to indentify other factors, like erosion or sedimentation that may indicate problems within the watershed. To further enhance water quality, YDWP offers opportunities for volunteers to plant native trees to help stabilize shorelines and to learn about and treat invasive plant species that may interfere with native plants and therefore natural wildlife habitat.

YDWP believes that experiential education is the best way to help build an active and informed multigenerational body of citizens who want to protect the land and the water that sustain them. Come out and join us!