Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve seeks to inform and engage the community with the goal of maintaining high quality waterways. We do this by holding workshops, environmental education classes, stakeholder meetings, and encouraging public participation in our activities. We have been awarded in the past for our education efforts and we plan to expand our program. We often invite local schools to help us and we have provided a workshop for the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program. Kids of all ages, college students, clubs and student groups have worked with us to monitor the water, sample bugs, plant native trees, restore wetlands, and experience the natural environment.

Our field season typically begins in May after ice-out and continues on through September. YDWP has been hosting public outings in the watershed since its inception in 1995. Our water quality programs depend on the support of volunteers to remain effective and provide a thorough assessment of the area we monitor. The experiential education we provide is helping to build an active and informed body of citizens of many generations who desire to protect the land and water that sustains them.

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