Birds come in all sizes, shapes, and sounds. The Yellow Dog watershed is home to many birds during the summer months, is used as a respite during migration, and in winter sees only the brave left. Notable species are the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Kirtland’s Warbler, and Peregrine Falcon. In 2006, YDWP was part of a large effort to survey the birds on the Yellow Dog Plains, and small surveys continue annually with the help of our dedicated volunteers.

Kirtland’s Warbler: In 2006, birders spotted a lone male warbler on the Yellow Dog Plains and identified it as this federally listed endangered species. The Kirtland’s Warbler is extremely rare throughout the world and only about 1,400 remain primarily in 10 Michigan counties. The bird is 5-6 inches in length and has a gray back with black streaks on a yellow breast. They habitate mostly in young jack pine forest during the summer, then migrate to the Bahamas for the winter. The lone male was confirmed and attempts at bird surveys have been made to confirm a nesting pair.

YDWP continues to be part of efforts to further study the avain communities in the watershed. Check to see if any bird surveying is happening on by visiting the home page or the facebook page.