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We are a diverse group of concerned citizens dedicated to preserving and protecting the Yellow Dog Watershed in its most natural state, for now, and for the benefit of future generations. We have several hundred members in the greater Marquette area and dozens more throughout the United States. If you are considering becoming a member, you have come to the right page!

What member benefits will you receive?

  • Voting rights in our member elections
  • Discounts at YDWP events
  • Optional 1-year subscription to the paper edition of our biannual newsletter, The Yellow Dog HOWL
  • Optional email news updates and notifications
  • Lifelong satisfaction and respect from well-educated people

Basic memberships start at $25 annually

Caretaker memberships start at $50 annually

Guardian memberships start at $100 annually

Steward memberships start at $250 annually

Sustainer memberships start at $500 annually

Keeper memberships start at $1,000 annually

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If you wish to make a simple donation, not a membership, please use the Donate Buttons below. Thanks!

Or, you may also chose to become a member by filing out this form and mailing it with your check.


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For those who wish to support any one of our funds, this is your stop. We have a variety of funds that support specific programs. Pick your favorite or support all by donating to the general fund.

General Fund

Education & Outreach Fund

Mining and
Advocacy Fund

Water Quality Fund

Land Conservation Fund

Or you can send us a donation via mail to:
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
P.O. Box 5
Big Bay, MI 49808