If donating is not your thing but you want to help. Here are some good ideas.

1. Show up to the meetings- There are periodic community meetings to discuss the issue of mining as well as the ore hauling route. Check our home page articles to see if there are upcoming meetings, or join our mailing list.

2. Go see what is at stake- Take a trip to the Yellow Dog Plains and see the frontier of Michigan before anything happens to it. If you need help getting there, let us know and we will help you. Getting out there is the best way to get inspiration, so go on!

3. Follow the legal battle closely- Watch for the headlines and check our website for updates on the case versus the MDEQ. The lawsuits will affect the rest of the timeline for Eagle Project and its important to know where we are on that timeline.

4. Sign up as a volunteer- We need ready people to put posters up, help with mailings, and more. Call or email us to get on our volunteer list.

5. Sign up for email alerts- Send us an email to sign up for email alerts related to our programs.