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Consider becoming a member of the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve. Our member base is a key element to funding our programs. Here is a quick list of benefits from obtaining membership:

1. Voting Rights
2. Receive semi-annual publications
3. Discounts on merchandise and events
4. Periodic updates on important information
5. Satisfaction of making a difference

Matching contributions are happily accepted. Fill out the necessary information from the matching company and send to the address below.

Join at the following annual membership levels:

Basic: $25

Caretaker: $50

Guardian: $100

Steward: $250

Sustainer: $500

Keeper: $1,000

Or you can send your membership via email by printing and filling out this form along with a check to:
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
P.O. Box 5
Big Bay, MI 49808

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