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River Monitoring Day

In early celebration of World Wide Water Monitoring Day, the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is hosting a training session for individuals who want to learn more about river ecosystems and assist in our water monitoring program.  We will provide information, tools, refreshments, and a free river monitoring T-shirt on September  11, 2010 to those who participate in this fun day of learning on the river. We will meet at the Yellow Dog River bridge across County Road 550 at 10am and carpool to our monitoring station upstream. From there, we will get into the stream and learn how to collect water quality information, so tall boots or waders are needed for those who want to get in the river. For the less adventurous, we will show participants how to record the information using a system developed by the MiCorps monitoring program.

Volunteers make our program successful. We need people who are excited about taking part in the solution and who love to learn more about their natural surroundings. Our Water Quality Protection Program is largely based on river monitoring and helps us understand the health of the ecosystem. This training is open to the public and is free, although donations are always helpful. If you are interested in learning and attending this training, please rsvp by September 9, 2010 by sending an email to or call the YDWP office at 906-345-9223. Space will be limited to sign up soon!


Who: YOU! and the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

What: A Day of Fun and Learning How to Monitor a River

Where: The lovely Yellow Dog River

When: September 11, 2010 at 10am

Why: The river needs you!

How: We will show you!

Yellow Dog Riverkeeper teaches children along Salmon-Trout River
Yellow Dog Riverkeeper teaches children along Salmon-Trout River