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Rally at the Capitol

We are taking the cause down to Lansing as we rally on the capitol steps. Please read below for more information and attend if you can!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
11:00 am – Gather on the Capitol Lawn
11:30 – 2:00pm Reading of the Environmental Justice Petition
Reading a Tribal Rights Statement
Performance – There are many musicians joining us including, Drew Nelson, Miko Fossum, Rachael & Dominic Davis, Jen Sygit, Sam Corbin, Josh Davis, Wanda Degen, Victor McManemy, Seth Bernard, and May Erlewine. We have a P.A. system so that all can hear. Please tell everyone!
2:00pm – Deliver the petitions and Tribal Rights Statement to the Governor’s office
At 3:00 pm, we will walk from the Capitol Steps to the Lansing Center – 333 E. Michigan Ave – three blocks away to attend Natural Resources Commission Meeting.  Public Comment starts at 4:30.  Those on the schedule for Public Comment get 5 minutes – those not scheduled get 3 minutes.  To get on the speaking schedule you must email Teresa Gloden and inform her you would like to be on the schedule for Public Comment at the June 3rd NRC meeting – subject:  Yellow Dog Plains or whatever you want.  If you do not schedule, after all confirmed speakers are finished they will open it up to the public for the 3 minutes each time frame.  We will NOT demonstrate inside the meeting other than with our presence.  Link to Agenda:
Anyone needing a ride or willing to drive to Lansing and take riders from the U.P. – please contact Wendy Johnson at 906 361-5179 or .  Everyone is on their own getting there and coming back!  Blue Flags!  Make them up – just buy the material and put it on a staff.  Small or large – we want blue flags waving!!

This is a peaceful demonstration of our rights.  Be there.
Please check this Facebook event for last minute updates: