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No News from DNR Minerals Management Office

Yellow Dog teamed up with Save the Wild UP, and the Michigan League of Conservation Voters to gather over 1,400 letters, signatures and comments in support of our letter urging the DNR to reject the mineral lease application to Eagle Mine LLC. The DNR has been provided this information but has not yet stated whether or not they will grant the lease.

The minerals are located under a parcel very near the Yellow Dog River. YDWP continues to hold conference calls with our partners to decide next steps. We submitted a FOIA request for information related to the change in the parcel’s designation from non-development to development with restrictions in 2014. The FOIA response was delayed by the DEQ until after the public comment period was over. YDWP received the files on December 5, 2014, but we are still unable to conclude why the change was made given the information that was provided. YDWP will be requesting more documents and sharing our findings.