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National Wild and Scenic Rivers

Damsel  Fly Hatch on the Yellow Dog River

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, signed into law by President Lynden B. Johnson in 1968. Very few rivers meet the standards required to be designated; however, in 1991, four miles of the Yellow Dog River, from the headwaters at Bulldog Lake to the border of the McCormick Wilderness Area, were added to the prestigious list.Yellow Dog Falls_3134

In an effort to raise awareness of and to increase enthusiasm for our country’s Wild and Scenic Rivers, the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve was awarded a $3,000.00 grant from River Network and Patagonia to create a Story Map of the Wild and Scenic portion of the Yellow Dog River. This was a highly competitive grant. Out of 54 proposals from across the nation, YDWP was one of only four grant recipients. Upon completion, the Story Map will be shared using websites and social media from River Network, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and YDWP.   Also, join us this November at our annual meeting to celebrate and learn more about the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and for the premier of the Story Map.

Wild and Scenic designation is one more effective tool in protecting the integrity of our rivers, and the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve will research the feasibility of further increasing the Yellow Dog’s designation as well as determine the public’s support of any such proposal.