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Mining Permit Amendment Request

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment received a request from Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company to amend their mining permit to reflect changes in their plan to supply power to their facilities. As stated in the original permit, the company planned to use diesel generations to power the operation. Since then, KEMC changed course, working with Alger Delta Electric Cooperative to run an underground cable through a previously unpowered area. The new line, which is in the process of being built, branches from County Road 550, up County Road 510, then up County Road AAA.

Groups such as the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve have expressed disappointment in the fact that a mining permit amendment was deemed unneccessary for running the underground cable before now, even though KEMC is paying for the cable and will be the only user. These activities were considered “outside” of the mining operation by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. According to them, a permit amendment is required, however, to finishing running the underground cable from the AAA road to the compound, a distance of perhaps 200 feet or less.

A hearing will be held on December 7, 2010 at 7pm in the Westwood High School Auditorium in Ishpeming to determine whether the amendment will be granted.
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Contractors laying cable on AAA road to power mine facility
Contractors laying cable on AAA road to power mine facility