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MDNRE grants Kennecott permit amendment

A notice was posted on page 7 of the Mining Journal on August 15, 2010 that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment had received and reviewed amendments to a mining permit from Kennecott Eagle Minerals regarding Eagle Project. The company sent a letter listing the “modest” changes which include relocation of the Temporary Development Rock Storage Area (TDRSA) as well as the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Contact Water Basins. All structures will also increase in size. Actual dimensions and locations were not supplied to the public on the MDNRE website, which was stated in the article to be the resource for more information.

The agency determined that the amendments did not constitute a significant change to the existing approved permit. Therefore, no public hearing will be held. Not included in the amendment application were changes in mine plan regarding power generation and ore transport. This is surprising since both associated enterprises pose large environmental consequences. At this time, the public can access the letter of intent from Kennecott Eagle Minerals along with a site map. The information can be viewed at,1607,7-135-331_4111_18442-130551–,00.html