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Humboldt Decision Passes Deadline

The Humboldt Mill proposed decision has passed the dates set by the DEQ and below is DEQ Jim Sygo’s response to Michelle Halley’s query as to what is happening.

“There was a need for additional information as a result of the staff’s review and that has now been requested. Until that information is provided, a preliminary decision will not be provided. Some of the information to be provided may also necessitate contractor expertise which may also take some time to line up. Finally we do have a request form Kennecott to align the hearings for the pending permit reviews. This may result in any action being extended until the review of the NPDES application is completed.”

Currently there is no action on the Yellow Dog Plains – exploration activity or otherwise. There has been no word from the DEQ Administrative court process.

The Public Trust suit with the DNR appeared before Judge Manderfield last week June 11th. We were asking for an evidentiary trial and Kennecott and the State were looking to dismiss the case in total. She did not rule from the bench and will be giving a written ruling at an undisclosed time.