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Fall Shindig and Annual Meeting

The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve will be hosting its 16th annual fall meeting and concert, December 3rd, 2011. Doors open at 7:30 pm in the Banquet Room of Upfront and Company in Historic downtown Marquette. This year’s entertainment is nationally known, and Michigan loved. Roots Rocking, Steppin In It will be hitting the stage for one night only in Marquette.

YDWP is throwing the concert as a way to give back to all of their supporters, members, and volunteers. Therefore, no admission fee will be charged. Along with great music and dancing, the group will use this event as a way to let people know about how the watershed has changed over time, its history, and how the group continues to achieve its mission of protecting and preserving the resources. There will be a community generated slideshow during intermission featuring our member’s favorite photographs of the beloved watershed.

YDWP will hold their Annual Meeting at 6:30pm in the Banquet Room of the Upfront and Company, prior to the concert. Elections for board members will take place. In addition, an update of the group’s activities will be given. Positions for board of directors are open to members of YDWP and are listed below.

Vice Chair
3 Directors

If you are interested in becoming a part of our board of directors, email us at You must be a member of YDWP and attend our Annual Meeting on December 3rd.