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Environmental Justice Action

Another way to support the efforts of our group is to read through the principles of environmental justice and the accompanying letter created by the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.  We believe that the main tenets of environmental justice have been violated throughout the entire process thus far. Attached to this post are accompanying materials such as petition sheets for those interested in collecting. Please be sure to send them back to:

Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
P.O. Box 5
Big Bay, MI 49808

Letter to Governor Granholm
This letter explains our and hopefully your viewpoint through the lense of environmental justice. Please read through it, print it out, and sign your name. Feel free to make changes so the letter can be in your own words.

Principals of Environmental Justice
These principles are accepted by the federal government as the tenets of environmental justice. Although the wording indicates it applies to people of color, environmental justices is for all.

Principals Violated
This document is a synopsis of what principles of environmental justice were violated. Please read through this and print it out for all to see.

Petition Copy
We ask that each person collect 50 signatures. Please read through the petition language, print it out, and collect signatures! Do not have people sign more than one time. If this file type does not download, try the format below.

Petition Copy