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Copperwood Permit Application Submitted

Orvana Minerals submitted their mining permit application on Friday, September 23.  By the following Monday, it was deemed administratively complete by Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. A permit review team has already been assembled and is currently reviewing the application. The application is available online at the following website:

According to Orvana Resources, the company entered into mineral leases covering 1,759 acres in an area located in the Upper Peninsula 30 kilometres southwest of the inactive White Pine Mine, which operated between 1953 and 1996.  Based on their calculations, the company targets production start up around 2013.

It is not unlikely to see a cascade of mining applications come to the MDEQ now that Kennecott has begun drilling. Many companies openly admit that they wait for larger companies to test the system, then the smaller ones come in after the most resistance occurs. There are numerous deposits throughout the UP, many within the Yellow Dog, Salmon-Trout, and surrounding watersheds. These deposits are being explored by companies such as Prime Meridian, Kennecott, Aquila, and Hudbay.