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BioBlitz at the Yellow Dog River Community Forest

Columbines on granite outcrop

Bio Blitz at The Community Forest June 17th & 18th –

Join us for the first ever BioBlitz at the new Yellow Dog River Community Forest on June 17th and 18th. A BioBlitz is a rapid survey of an area’s biological features conducted by citizen scientists and volunteers. The event will be a fun way for people to get outdoors and meet others who are interested in learning about our native ecosystems and its inhabitants. It is a chance to sharpen your outdoor skills while exploring parts of the Community Forest that are off the beaten path. We need volunteers to help conduct the survey, both experts and novices!

Volunteers will collect information about the various plant and animal species found in the Community Forest and YDWP will use the information to create a baseline database. Over time, the trends in the data can alert the community to any changes in the types and numbers of species present on the property. This data will help YDWP and the community be very informed stewards of the Forest.

Activities will beginning Saturday the 17th at 3pm. Volunteers will be arranged into teams and sent out to collect information on mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, trees and plants, and terrestrial insects. Individuals with knowledge in outdoor orientation and wilderness survival are also encouraged to attend. Multiple rounds of surveys will commence, including a night survey for nocturnal creatures. Surveys will start up again Sunday morning and conclude by noon.
Snacks and dinner will be provided to Saturday’s attendees and breakfast and snacks will be provided to Sunday’s attendees. Camping spots as well as camping equipment are available for those who wish to participate both days. A rideshare is also being organized for those who can attend either Saturday or Sunday only.

Registration is now closed! We have reached capacity which is awesome!

Directions to the BioBlitz event: From Marquette, turn left onto County Road 550 from Presque Isle Avenue. Continue northwestward on County Road 550 for roughly 22 miles. Turn left onto County Road 510/AAA and continue for 2.6 miles. Turn left onto County Road 510 and continue for another 4 miles. You will then cross the Yellow Dog River and follow the signs to the parking area and Registration Table.

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