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Activist Songwriter Releases “Eagle Rock”

Drew Nelson, acclaimed singer and songwriter, recently released his latest song, entitled Eagle Rock-Song for the People. This is a wonderful song that tells of the story of our struggle to keep the Yellow Dog Plains free from pollutants and accessible for all to enjoy. “This is not a local problem, it is a global problem,” says Nelson. You can download the song for free by clicking on the blue hyperlink entitled Eagle Rock below but please, if you are able, think about making a donation below. Look through our pages to read up on the background information about Sulfide Mining and view the posts that keep you updated on the latest happenings. You can also view the lyrics to this beautiful tune below. For those of you who are Drew fans, he will be playing at our Annual Meeting on August 28, 2010 in Marquette, MI at the Peter White Public Library. Keep the support for everyone involved coming! Thank you to all of our supporters and special individuals like Drew. Check out his sound at
Aerial View of encampment on Eagle Rock by Chauncey Moran
Aerial View of encampment on Eagle Rock by Chauncey Moran
sun breaks over the Yellow Dog
call the thunder down
feel the wind rush against my face
sound of the children
breaks the stillness of the morning
red tail rises not a mile from this placeall through the night
they kept the fire burning
all through the night they sang
call the directions, put tobacco down
prayers and smoke on the windChours:
Here at Eagle Rock we will take our stand
Here at Eagle Rock we will pray
for the healing of our people
and the healing of our land
there’s a fire burning in our hearts

For a thousand years
this place has been sacred
it will be for a thousand more
all those who lover her
cry all my relations
see the old ones sing
see the young ones grow


there is a law higher than any government
places more important than a mine
a love that is greater than any corporation
ask the Eagle, ask the Bear, Ask the Pines.